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JAI-RAJ Industries began full production in the 1977 with a single unit. Over the years due to the continuous progression at JAI-RAJ there have been multiple expansion projects that have taken place to improve the workflow in the fabrication unit and increase production volume.

In 1989 JAI-RAJ Industries started operations in a second unit to increase production volumes and bring in more metal working machinery to start fabricating projects for different sectors in the material processing industry.

At present apart from the two units, JAI-RAJ Industries conducts its fabrication and painting operations in two other units in the industrial estate that we have rented in to handle the increase in the volume of production.

JAI-RAJ Industries has three work sheds one of which is equipped with two EOTs and the other two sheds are designed so as to allow access to our cranes to help move the jobs in and out for assembly and machine operations.

Land & Building

The Company has 2 acres of own land and possesses sufficient infrastructure facilities by way of building to carry out fabrication and manufacturing works. We also have 3 acres of land under lease rental for fabrications and painting activity.

Organizational Infrastructure

The organizational infrastructure at JAI-RAJ Industries comprises of two teams, namely the production team and the management team with both teams reporting directly to the managing partner.

The work distribution at JAI-RAJ Industries is decided by a team comprising of the managing partner, the project managers and quality control personnel.

The production team headed by the project managers and the quality control personnel is responsible for all the core fabrication and assembly operations taken on by JAI-RAJ Industries.

The management team at JAI-RAJ Industries ensures that the production team has all the material they need to carry out the fabrication without any delay and also stay in close touch with our customers giving them regular progress reports regarding their project orders. The management team also takes care of project dispatches, organizing and coordinating with various agencies for transport as per the requirements of the job to be dispatched.


The workforce at JAI-RAJ Industries comprises a mix of veteran experience and youthful innovation, this mix in the workforce makes JAI-RAJ Industries very capable in solving any kind of fabrication dilemma that may occur during the fabrication process.

The workforce at JAI-RAJ Industries is closely monitored by the supervisory team who ensure that the work progresses smoothly without any undesirable halts. The supervisory team is in constant contact with the project managers, quality control personnel and the management team updating them on daily progress, scheduling fabrication quality checks and constant inventory checks to ensure material availability for the next fabrication step.

All documentation work is done by the clerical staff under the guidance of the managing partner.

Man Power Status

Managerial 6
Supervisory 12
Clerical / Supporting Staff 3
Technical / Skilled Laborers 35
Helpers 65


At JAI-RAJ INDUSTRIES, the safety of our employees is our top priority. All employees are provided with basic safety equipment to prevent them from suffering any kind of injury at the work site.


At JAI-RAJ , we believe in meeting our customer’s requirements to the letter without any compromise.


At JAI-RAJ, we give our customers what they want, when they want, exactly how they want it.